The Co-Founders of "My Life Online" present a FREE Video Training called...
6 powerful steps
to making sure your child is safe & responsible on their first smartphone
It's like Driver's Ed for your kid's first phone
These are the principles, values, and approach to life online that we have shared with more than 100,000 elementary and middle school students across North America.

Teachers and administrators have told us they love the simplicity, accessibility, and the 'stickiness' of what we teach.

That means kids actually listen, remember, and apply the ideas we share with them.
Blake & Dave
Co-Founders of My Life Online: Teaching Kids To Be Safe, Smart, & Kind Online
"These guys are brilliant, kind and compassionate, and they both have a huge heart for kids. This is VITAL stuff for kids to learn in today's high-tech world, and they deliver it in a completely relatable way."
"It's really helpful to have another trusted source guide my child through a topic like this, versus just trying to cover it myself since kids speak a different language when it comes to this topic."
"As parents, this helps us gauge where our child's understanding stands. It prompted engaging conversations about the program with my son and helped me know more about his real perspective on social media."