It's like Driver's Ed for your child's first phone.
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Smartphone Ready (SPR) is a 10 module step-by-step digital course that gives kids the values, principles, and tools they need to be safe, and responsible in their life online. And, it's all done in a way that kids will actually WANT to listen and apply what they learn.

•  Login 24/7 (all digital and downloadable)

•  Step-by-step process that has already been delivered to more than 100,000 elementary and middle school students in schools across the United States, Canada, and Australia.

•  And we have a private community for you (the parents) so that you can share best practices and help each other navigate this tricky, high-tech phase of parenthood
What's included in Smartphone Ready?
Smartphone Ready includes instant access to:
     10 engaging, interactive modules, each covering a different aspect of life online and social media (we don't leave anything out)
     Fun quizzes, tests, and questions to solidify learning throughout each module
     Printable workbook, posters, and smartphone wallpapers with key messages to help keep the lessons front-of-mind for your kids
As soon as you enroll your child into SPR, you will get immediate access (via username and password) to Smartphone Ready, and all bonuses so your child can begin right away.
     Lifetime access and login 24/7 (it is all digital + downloadable so you and your child can login to access the content & download the course and take it with you on the go)
     30 day 100% money back guarantee (especially handy if for whatever reason your child refuses to take the course)
This is NOT an 'internet safety' program that will go in one ear, and out the other.

Smartphone Ready is one-of-a-kind... 

We know it sounds weird, but your child will actually WANT to do this, and they might even tell you how much they enjoyed the process (of course, they'll learn a lot, too)
  • ​Trusted by more than 500 elementary and middle schools across the United States, Canada, and Australia since 2011. 
  • ​Delivered in a fun and engaging way where kids actually WANT to listen (the very first video will inspire them to start the course).
  • ​Inspires your child to self-regulate their own screen-time, without you having to nag them.
  • ​Sparks powerful conversations in your home about technology, screen-time, and social media (your child will be excited to share what they've learned with you).
  • ​Takes less than 5 hours for your child to go through the course (they can stop and start, and all of their progress will be saved).
  • ​Keeps kids engaged from start to finish with relevant, relatable, story-based lessons
10 Engaging & Interactive Modules
Here is what your child will learn, step-by-step...
MODULE 1: Start Smart By Building A Strong Foundation For Your Life Online
• They will learn the entire history of the internet and social media in less than 3 minutes (because it's SO important for them to have this context as they shape their life online)

• They'll discover (and be quizzed on) 'The 5 Pillars' of their life online (these pillars are relevant for all aspects of their life online, regardless of the app they're using, or the game they're playing)

• They will  write down their biggest goals in life, and discover the connection between their goals and their life online (everything else they learn throughout the course will tie back to the goals that matter to them the most)
MODULE 2: Think Critically Online And Learn How To Decide What Is Real And Fake
• Why it's important to become a Critical Consumer of online content, and how to build the habit of questioning EVERYTHING they read and watch online

• A simple and powerful statistic that will help them understand why it's so important to be a Responsible Contributor in their life online

• The TWO primary responsibilities that every kid has when they use social media and online gaming

• The critical habit that will ensure they 'make the most of every post' for the rest of their
MODULE 3: Reduce Cyber-Bullying By Bringing Empathy To Your Life Online
• A real-life YouTuber case-study that will instantly elevate the degree of empathy they bring to their life online 

• A simple, and memorable phrase that will help them to bring more compassion to the way they talk, text, and post (this will also have a ripple effect to their life offline)

• Powerful and relevant statistics about cyber-bullying that every kid can understand

• Why it's easier to be cruel and hurtful online, and how to make sure they don't fall into this trap so that they're always kind online
MODULE 4: Make The Most Of Every Post So You Don't Regret Your Behaviour Online
• Real-life headlines that clearly illustrate the negative consequences of forgetting to 'make the most of every post'

• How their life online can have a direct impact on the schools they get into, the teams they want to play on, and the jobs they want to get (even if they won't be applying for jobs for another 5 or 6 years)

• Why a college basketball player lost out on a scholarship opportunity because of ONE post

• 'The My Life Online Manifesto' to guide their life online -- powerful words they can read out loud, memorize, print, and use every single day
MODULE 5: Protect Yourself And Respect Your Privacy In Your Life Online
• How to become more self-aware of how they use technology and social media

• The simple "Hurtful / Helpful / Self / Others" Quadrant and how it can have a positive impact on everything they consume and contribute in their life online

• What it means to keep everything 'above the line', and why it can be done 100% of the time
MODULE 6: Create Powerful Passwords And Keep Your Information Safe
• What "Show & Tell" has to do with online privacy, why it's important, and how to Protect themselves online

• What to Protect, what to Project, and how to stay safe online

• How to create powerful, goal-based, ultra-secure passwords for their online accounts

• How to secure their passwords, and why this matters
MODULE 7: Self-Regulate Your Screen Time And Be Mindful Of Your Online Activity
• How to become more Mindful of the time they spend online so that they create a healthy relationship with technology (we teach this in a way that kids DON'T roll their eyes)

Getting real about Screen Time and tools to self-regulate it to create balance in your life online (and offline)

• The Digital Detox Challenge that inspires kids to spend more time away from their screens
MODULE 8: Boost Your Self-Esteem And Cut The Comparison On Social Media
• What a Dragon and a Shield has to do with Self-Esteem and life on social media

• A simple, kid-friendly, daily mental practice that will prepare them for life online and elevate their resilience

• How to stay 'In Charge' of their emotions and behaviour in their life online
MODULE 9: How To Handle Online Haters Without Making Things Worse
• The difference between Reacting and Responding to online haters and bullies, and why it's important to have a system for this before it happens

• The 3 simple steps to Handle Haters and Critics in your life online
MODULE 10: Leave Your Online Legacy And Make The World A Better Place
• The definition of 'Legacy', and why it matters (even if they're only 9 years old)

• How to combine their best character traits, and the contributions they want to make to the world to create a lasting legacy in their life online

• How to write a Legacy statement, and apply it to social media, online gaming, and life online
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Here's what other parents are saying about Smartphone Ready
3 Amazing Bonuses
The "Convince My Kid To Take The Course" Video (so you don't have to)
•  In a  fun, straight-to-the-point video, Blake will playfully inspire them to begin the 'Smartphone Ready' course (without any tricks, bribes, or manipulation...just good old fashioned motivation and inspiration)

• This video will motivate them to begin the course and press 'PLAY' on Module 1

• Once they start Module 1, they'll realize this is actually fun and will be self-motivated to keep on going
Key Quote Cards And Posters
•  Downloadable 'Key Lessons' Cards and Printable Posters that you can save to your camera roll and use as wallpaper for your phone

• Allows you to get all of the key lessons of 'Smartphone Ready' in 10 minutes or less

• Your kids will love these as well (especially once they've completed the course -- they may even use one as their smartphone lock screen wallpaper so they've got some of the key reminders in front of them every time they use their phone)
Private 'Smartphone Ready' Facebook Community For PARENTS
• This part is just for you! An exclusive Facebook Group just for parents who have kids going through  the Smartphone Ready course

• Connect with other parents, share best practices, learn from others mistakes and success,  laugh a bunch, and get any course tech-support you need (it's pretty straight-forward, but we're here to help just in case)

• Dave and Blake will be in this group sharing new content, videos, articles, and interviews with experts (educators, psychologists, parenting authors, etc.) they've met along the way
Smartphone Ready is perfect for your child if...
'Smartphone Ready' provides a thorough, step-by-step program that every child can go through to become fully equipped with the tools they need to be safe and responsible life online.
F.A.Q. & Fun Facts
How old does my child need to be to do the course?
Every family is different, and every child is different. You know your kids the best. Generally, we recommend Smartphone Ready for kids ages 9-13.
Do we get access to everything all at once or are the modules rolled out over time?
Yes, you get access to everything right away. Your child can start the course at any time they'd like, and they can go at their own pace.
How long will we have access to the course?
Forever and eternity. We will continue to update and improve the course over time, and you will get all updates at no additional cost.
What if I have more than one child who I want to take the course?
Great question. This is a family license. You can register multiple children for the course, at no additional cost. All you will need is a separate email address and password for each child (you can use your email addresses as well - the email address does not have to belong to your child).
What are the technology requirements needed for the course?
The course will work on any device or computer, and simply requires an internet connection (the videos are also downloadable, so you can save them and watch them offline).
How do I enroll my child in Smartphone Ready and how much does it cost?
The entire Smartphone Ready course is $49 (USD) for lifetime access (this includes all future content updates, new modules, etc...)

You will get full access to the program right away. All modules. All downloads. All bonuses. So your child can binge their heart out and finish Smartphone Ready in a day, or they can take it slow and go step-by-step. Some parents like to do the course with their child (although this isn't necessary). That's cool too. Totally up to you and your child.
Smartphone Ready comes with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality program that gives your son or daughter the essential building blocks and tools needed to live a life online that is safe, smart, and responsible. 

If within 30 days you or your child are unhappy with the course for any reason just email our customer support and you will receive a full refund. We stand behind Smartphone Ready 100%.
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Here's what other parents and kids are saying about Smartphone Ready
"These guys are brilliant, kind and compassionate, and they both have a huge heart for kids. This is VITAL stuff for kids to learn in today's high-tech world, and they deliver it in a completely relatable way."
"My 10-year-old son turned his nose up to the idea at first, and then after he did the first module he was hooked right through to the end (and he's not easily engaged by anything that isn't Fortnite). This is SO necessary for every kid to go through."
"Most of my peers have devices and they kind of treat social media like a joke. I think this course will help them to take it more seriously and understand how it can impact their future."
"It's really helpful to have another trusted source guide my child through a topic like this, versus just trying to cover it myself since kids speak a different language when it comes to this topic."
"I really liked the Digital Detox Challenge. All the names of the different levels are super cool, and it actually makes me want to try the challenge and spend less time in front of a screen."
"Charlie LOVED the course. We had to drag him away. This definitely gives me more confidence about him being online."
"This course made me realize that I spend a lot of time on my phone and I should start trying to spend less time in front of screens. I'm going to work on that."
"As parents, this course helps us gauge where our child's understanding stands. It prompted engaging conversations about the program with my son and helped me know more about his real perspective on social media."
"Knowing that my daughter has gone through this course gives me such a feeling of relief. I definitely feel better about her being online."
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